Houseplant Parenthood

Miriam Zoila Pérez

Houseplant Parenthood

Hi! I'm Miriam Zoila Pérez. I'm a writer and former doula turned bodyworker who is obsessed with houseplants. I share tips and tricks about caring for houseplants on my instagram account and I also create workshops and offer consults for houseplant parents who are struggling. I'm finishing a Certificate in Therapeutic Horticulture from the North Carolina Botanical Gardens this year.

I've been into plants since I was in high school when I picked up black and white film photography (and darkroom printing!) and took lots of photos of trees. But I like to think one of my early inspirations was my Abuela Nena who definitely had a green thumb. I remember in particular the gorgeous mar pacifico (also known as hibiscus) plant she grew on her patio in Miami. 

In the last few years I've grown my own houseplant collection from just one pothos to close to 60 plants, so most of my learnings have been through my own trial and error, plus a lot of reading and following houseplant parents on instagram. One of the reasons I love helping people bring more plants into their homes (and their lives) is because I've seen such an incredible impact of having plants in my home on my own wellbeing. Not just their presence, but also the act of caring for them, has become a big resource for my own wellness.  

I'm excited to share more with you! Make sure to follow my instagram, sign up for my newsletter and if you're interested in hiring me to help you become a better houseplant parent, get in touch